New Collection and Improved Comfort!

New Collection and Improved Comfort!

Hi everyone,

We are back after another round of trial and error with our new collection of Cima Sandals! Our goal this time was to make the footbed softer for a super comfy fit while keeping it 100% biodegradable.

Listening to our friends and their feedback we redesigned the original footbed together with our experts in the Portuguese shoe industry. While some of you loved the fact that the sandals are quite sturdy in the beginning and melt to the shape of your foot after a little bit, we came to realize that a lot of people were skeptical of that when trying them for the first time.

After another year of lots of prototypes we came to a solution and we couldn't be happier about the result. 

We created a new custom mold for the footbed that allows for a layer of natural latex-foam to be added just underneath the cork fabric. Now the sandals are much softer when trying them on for the first time and they will melt to your feet even faster. The cork as well as the manufacturing is still all done locally in Portugal. This will always be an integral part of the brand and the objective to create a better option in footwear for people who care about where their products come from and who makes them, resulting in a low carbon footprint. 

Sandals can be made ethically and low-impact for the world we live in. Join the Cima Sandals family and help us with our mission!

Cork your footprint.


Cima Sandals Family

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