Our story

Why we do what we do
We at Cima Sandals are devastated by the insane amount of plastic sandals, which end up in our oceans every day. How can we love the beach but at the same time destroy it with our summer footwear? Fuelled by the frustration but also hopeful, that, when given the choice, people will want and choose better alternatives to plastic sandals, we created flip-flops made from natural & biodegradable cork! We want to leave a positive impact on this planet. Help us and join us with this vision, one pair of sandals at a time!
The cork & natural latex sole as the heart of the flip-flop as well as the cork fabric are 100% biodegradable, reducing the amount of plastic for a pair of flip-flops by a lot. The bottom layer uses recycled rubber and has a specific non-slip pattern on the bottom, making them really easy to walk in, even on slippery and wet surfaces. 


What's so special about cork?
Cork is getting more and more popular in the fashion industry, and for a good reason. Compared to other sources for fabric, the cork bark is only peeled off the Cork Oak tree every 9 -12 years, using traditional methods, not harming the tree and allowing the Cork Oak tree to live and grow up to 150-250 years. 
Cork is also a multitalent: the unique structural plant tissue that it is made of makes it resistant to water, incredibly strong but also soft enough for your flip-flops to mould to your feet after a while. It is also highly durable, which is perfect for something like footwear, since we wanted to create a product that lasts you a long time, again, reducing the amount of waste that we put out into the world. There is more, cork is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal, perfect for footwear!
Supplier and Manufacturer
Portugal has some of the best Cork suppliers of the world and accounts for 50% of its production, we selected one such supplier to provide us with the best quality cork possible.
cima ecofriendlyNatural Eco-Friendly
Portugal also has some of the best-qualified shoemakers in the world, and it's no surprise why many of the world's top brands produce there, we found one manufacturer with over 45 years experience that tailored to our needs to produce one of the best quality sandals out there.
sustainable sandal
Having both our material and manufacturing done locally results in a low carbon footprint, which is an important aspect to us and will set us apart from other sandal companies.
Become a part of the Cima Sandals Family and help us with this vision!
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